Mount St. Louis Moonstone Education Day


We are planning on running a trip to Mount St. Louis Moonstone (MSLM) on Friday, January 17, 2020 and Friday, January 31, 2020.


Note:  You must be a student (minimum 6 years old or be their guardian / parent to participate)


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** Waiver Form for anyone under 18 must be handed in on Friday when getting lift tickets  **

Lift and Beginner Group Lesson - $25

Day (9am - 4: 30) or Night (3:30pm to 9 - no lessons offered)



Ski (skis, boots and poles) $15

Snowboard (snowboard and boots) - $15

Helment Only - Mandatory for Students ($6) 


For example, if you require lift / lesson, full rental including helmet, total is $46.

I will need to know the Full Name, Height, Weight, Ability and Age.


The Outback Terrain Park and Super Pipe are off limits to participants.  Mandatory leashes are required on all snowboard equipment and Helmets are mandatory for all students. 


To Book, please send an email to ... payment by Email Money Transfer.   Once details are confirmed, we will send you the total and payment information.


Below is a tentative itinerary of the day:

- Go to the Mount St. Louis Lodge 

- We will arrive around 8:30-8:45am to get the lift tickets.

- We have the same area reserved for our group (DC Events) - main level close to Guest Services near the washrooms.  There are tables there you can use for the day.  Note: Do not leave any valuables there.   There are lockers in front of our area.

- When you arrive, please give Eugene the waiver for the student(s) and he will give you the lift tickets.

- If you have a Student renting, a MSLM representative will write a rental number on the lift ticket

- Adults that paid for rentals, there is a sheet at Guest Services for you to check-in there.

- If you forgot the waiver, you will need to complete one which will delay the process

- Adult and Student tickets are different.

- At 9am, Mount St. Louis (MSLM) will have an orientation meeting for our group (If you don't make the meeting, it is from Ski Patrol and they go over some safety guidelines)  If there was anything very important, Eugene will tell you if he is there.   Otherwise, I will email the group if anything urgent you need to know (most likely not)

- If you do arrive after 9:30 - go to the meeting area for DC Events.   If Eugene is not there, he will leave your lift tickets for pick up at Guest Services. (make sure you hand in the waivers for the students)

- After the meeting,  those needing rentals, will go directly to the rental department

- Adults needing rentals will sign the rental form at the Guest Services Counter

- Students not needing rentals can go off and get tested for their level.  They will be given a sticker which determines what lift you can access for the day.  There will be an opportunity to upgrade your sticker which will be scheduled the afternoon.

- All Students will get offered a (45-60mins).  The time includes the testing time.  Everyone student participating must wear a helmet.

Lockers $5 deposit $1 is refund when the key is returned for storage of boots and bags.   


My brother will be the contact person to get the lift tickets at MSLM.   His number is below. 



Eugene Yeung

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